NEWLISH Marine Polish Heavy

Model No : 3001

By Polisher


This polish is designed to eliminate scratches, swirls, light to medium oxidation from the surface by machine. It doesn't matter what is your body panel, fiberglass, gelcoat, metal.


This polish lacks contaminations which is very important for users. Also, it can be easily removed if stay on the surface for a long time.


Besides its polishing duty it has ability to lift away rusty stains and spots too.

It removes effects of P1000 sanding marks and finer.

Features : 

  • Silicone free

  • Odorless

  • Low dust

  • White color

  • Paste condition

  • Hygiene formula

  • Water-based Formula


First of all, rinse the entire vehicle or at least application area and remove surface from any contaminations. Next, cover things and places you don’t want to get dirty. Then, shake the bottle and apply the compound to the pad and rub it on the surface in a circular motion. Finally, continue until the compound disappears completely


Polisher machine round must not exceed 1200 rpm and retain in a place for a long time.


You can use NEWLISH Marine Polish Medium or Finishing after applying this code to remove finer sanding marks and achieve your desired surface.

Packing: 0.5, 3.78, 20 Liter

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