NEWLISH Glazer Polish

Model No : 2005 (Step 3)

By Polisher


This product has been designed for those users who are in finishing step in polishing.

This polish is capable of removing very fine scratches and leaves a light swirl marks free surface. GLAZER gives surface a glossy mirror view so that no oil-wax be needed. It should be noted that the brightness may retain on the surface for weeks and primary shininess may be regained by just washing the surface.


  • Silicone free

  • Hygiene formula

  • Odorless

  • White color

  • Water-based

  • Paste condition

  •  Low dust


First of all, rinse the entire vehicle or at least application area and remove surface from any contaminations. Next, cover things and places you don’t want to get dirty. Then, shake the bottle and apply the compound to the pad and rub it on the surface in a circular motion. Finally, continue until the compound disappears completely

Note :

Polisher machine round must not exceed 1200 rpm and retain in a place for a long time as it causes surface burning or scuffing.

Recommendation: You can use NEWLISH Glazer Polish after Heavy Duty 
Polsih or Perfect Finish Polish to do finishing and 
achieving a mirror view & glossy surface.

Packing: 0.5, 3.78, 20 Liter

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