Care Tips

Towards hot season :


It should be noted that in the winter due to streets and roads snow clearing and dirt sticking to the color of the car, it is ideal to polish damaged areas of color and equalize the colors to avoid spread of the damage in addition to cleaning the surface.


Towards cold season :

Due to the onset of the rainy season and the presence of contaminants such as salt, sand, etc. in the streets and roads efforts should be done to as much as possible prevent this type of pollution to surface color which is achieved when the surface of the color is very smooth and shiny so that the droplets will slide and pollution will not hang on the surface of the color.


Bird dropping :

Due to its acidity it may cause spots and halos on the surface of the color causing damage to top coat and corrosion it. If these halos and spots did not disappear after washing, they can be removed by polishing the surface of the desired objects.

Presence of silicon:

Since silicon is known as contaminate in a verity of colors, its compounds should be rolled out of color formulae and prevented to be used.


Why should automobiles be polished ?

  • When the color of the car is exposed to ultraviolet radiations of sun, the outer layer oxides gradually and its chemical compounds changes which make the color matte. …. Nanopolishe polishes away this surface and make it shiny again.

  • After some time, due to various reasons, including problems with the surface color such as scratches of the surface, light will be reflected it various directions and the brightness will decrease. …..polish will remove these fine lines.  

  • Substances such as washing liquids and bird droppings, if stay on the color penetrate through the color surface and the residual effects will not be removed by washing. …. Polish with special formulae, will wipe out the remaining.











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